We envision a positive environment for Asian Americans in America and for U.S. relations with China.

What We Do
The 1990 Institute is a nonprofit that creates and supports educational programming and mobilizes collaborative leadership networks to improve mutual understanding, promote a constructive environment for U.S.-China relations, and champion the fair and equal treatment of Asian Americans.
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New York Office

Voices, Visibility,

and Vision

Lifting the Fog Around China and Asian Americans - Video Series

Audiovisual Conference

Beyond the Conversation

A discussion and roundtable series that complements our Video series to further discuss the issues in depth

Education Books Bookshelfs

College Essay


Students can develop a more nuanced understanding of modern China and the implications of its rise as a superpower

Shanghai at Dusk

Reference Library

Resources from China Now for Teachers and more.

What are you doing for Asian American and Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander Heritage Month?

Preparing and Protecting our Loved Ones from Racist Violence

Even if you did not know about anti-Asian-American violence before, a year into this pandemic, it is certainly clear now. So what can we do? How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones? 

We support Black Lives Matter

The 1990 Institute Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter.