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Statement on United States Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling

For Immediate Release: June 29, 2023

Contact: David Belsky;


San Francisco – “Bucking decades of precedent, the United States Supreme Court has struck down affirmative action, leaving universities unable to consider race as a factor in their admissions process. The Court heard arguments in two cases brought against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by Students for Fair Admissions, which believed the schools’ admission processes using affirmative action discriminated against Asian American applicants. 


“As an organization committed to championing the fair and equitable treatment of Asian Americans and a positive environment for U.S.-China relations, the 1990 Institute recognizes there are complex implications for the use of affirmative action in higher education and beyond. We respect the importance of evaluating applicants on merit and individual achievements, but we also cannot ignore the critical value of ensuring that all races are empowered to overcome historical inequities.


“This ruling did not need to be a yes or no issue. We believe strongly that Asian Americans and others who have that felt unfairly treated as a result of affirmative action could have had their concerns addressed without striking down the entire premise of considering race as part of the admissions process. As a result, diversity will suffer not only on college campuses but in the workplace as fewer diverse candidates may be prepared to take on the jobs of the future.


“The 1990 Institute is committed to leveraging our educational resources and engagement efforts to improve the understanding of the Asian American experience and the contemporary U.S.-China relationship, particularly for the next generation of Americans. While the debate over how to equitably enroll all Americans in higher education is sure to persist, we will continue to work to honor our vision of mutual understanding and respect across cultures.”


This statement can be attributed to 1990 Institute Executive Director Susana Liu-Hedberg.


About the 1990 Institute


The 1990 Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in San Francisco. Our mission is to champion fair and equitable treatment for Asian Americans and a constructive U.S.-China relationship through leadership, education, and collaboration.

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