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Beyond Headlines

The 1990 Institute’s discussion series tackles subjects that matter to Asian Americans, as well as insights on modern China on a more human level. This is a complement to our Video Series and is meant to be interactive, allowing our audience to exchange ideas as well as explore the subject matter more deeply with experts. This series will provide you with a more in-depth understanding of Asian American issues and aspects of China that you want to know but never had the opportunity to ask. Our aim is to spread understanding by having conversations and breaking down complex issues.

Reframing Perception: Asian American Women Journalist Trailblazers 

The Asian American journalists on our panel have helped bring the AAPI community front and center in the American discourse on race, ethnicity, and identity. Journalists contextualize racism, shed light on the community’s resilience, and help us better understand what it means to be Asian in America, what it was like in the past, and how much has – and has not – changed. See our Reference Library for additional material.

Beyond Shang-Chi: Superheroes, Masculinity, and Asian American Representation


With the Shang-Chi movie a box office hit, we thought the time is right to discuss Asian American representation in the media. The 1990 Institute and the Serica Initiative co-hosted a webinar discussing the portrayal of Asian Masculinity in media and how to move forward to increase Asian American representation. Visit our Reference Library for additional materials on this topic.

The Rise of China and Asian Americans

For AAPI Heritage Month 2021, the 1990 Institute and the USC U.S.-China Institute presented an engaging conversation on the U.S. government's response to the rise of China as a superpower and the impact on Asian Americans and America's global competitiveness. Visit our Reference Library for our curated list of supporting materials, including videos, articles, and teaching resources.

Chinese Americans: The History You Were Never Told


This webinar was presented by StandWithAsians, a group of volunteers who mobilized Americans to spread awareness, learn, and show support for the Asian American community on March 26, 2021. Visit our Reference Library for highlights of this webinar and more information about the history of racism against Asians.

Beyond Headlines: Protecting Asian Americans During Violent Times


1990 Institute hosted a virtual panel discussion on Asian American advocacy focused on the surge in violence that began in 2020. Racial justice advocates and community leaders from the Asian and Black communities in Oakland, California came together to lend perspective and present solutions on improving public safety while underscoring the necessity for allyship among all our communities. Speaker presentations and notes of the webinar are available from our Reference Library.

25th Anniversary Gala Fireside Chat


Former Ambassadors to China Jon Huntsman, Jr. and Gary Locke speak with moderator, John Chen, BlackBerry CEO at the 1990 Institute's 25th Anniversary Gala & Ignite Awards on January 18, 2016.

David Henry Hwang - 23rd Anniversary presentation


David Henry Hwang is one of the most celebrated contemporary Asian American screenwriters. His work includes the plays M. Butterfly, Chinglish, Yellow Face, Kung Fu, Golden Child, The Dance and the Railroad, and FOB, and the Broadway musicals Aida (co-author), Flower Drum Song (2002 revival) and Disney’s Tarzan. He is a Tony© Award winner and three-time nominee, a three-time Obie Award winner and a two-time Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

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