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The Past is Always Present

As part of the1990 Institute's #AANHPIHeritageMonth 

programming, we invite you to a fireside chat which provides historical context and raises awareness of one of the largest Asian diasporas – Chinese immigrants – and the stories and circumstances of their arrival to the U.S.

Join us for “The Past is Always Present: Preserving Family Roots with Technology” with Huihan Lie, My China Roots Founder and CEO, and Brian A. Wong, Founder and Chair of RADII, former Chief of Staff to Alibaba's Jack Ma, and 1990 Institute's Vice Chair.


Our speakers will also touch on how genealogy is traced and preserved in Chinese culture and how technology is being used to help with this tracing and preservation.


Tuesday, May 30 at 5:00 pm PDT/ 7 pm CDT/ 8 pm EDT
Outside of U.S.: Wednesday, May 31 at 2 am CET/ 8 am China

About Huihan Lie:
Six generations ago, Huihan’s ancestors emigrated from Southern China. He founded My China Roots as an for people with Chinese heritage. The platform contains 200 million searchable ancestors, whose names and stories can be found in digitized clan books, overseas immigration records, tombstones, clan association member lists, and other historical records. Users can build family trees, travel virtually to their ancestral village, and preserve their family stories for generations to come. Custom research and travel are also available.

About Brian A. Wong:
Brian, Vice Chair of the 1990 Institute, was the first American employee to join Alibaba Group, where he contributed to the company’s early globalization efforts and served as Jack Ma’s special assistant for international affairs. He is the author of “The Tao of Alibaba.” He is the founder of RADII Media (, a digital platform dedicated to bridging understanding between the East and West, and is Managing Director of Seacliff Partners, an angel investment firm.

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