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A Giving Journey

Giving Tuesday is coming on November 28, and your support is needed more than ever! Today, we find ourselves in a world where the need for education and understanding is vital. Our mission was founded on the belief that education is the key to bridging gaps and building stronger, more harmonious communities. We are asking for your help to support teachers and the next generation of leaders in meeting these challenges and opportunities:


🌐 Importance of Education: In these challenging times,

education is not just a luxury but a necessity. It is

through knowledge and understanding that we can

build bridges, break down stereotypes, and work

together to address the pressing issues of our time.

🌐 Building Cultural Bridges for Economic Prosperity:

Strong U.S.-China relations are not only beneficial for

both nations but for the entire global community. By

promoting cross-cultural understanding, we contribute

to a more interconnected and prosperous world.

🌐 Addressing Unjust Acts: Our organization works to

raise awareness about the importance of respect,

empathy, and fairness towards all individuals, regardless

of their background. We aim to foster a world where

discrimination and prejudice have no place.

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Visit our website to learn more about our nonprofit and our 33-year history and make a tax-deductible donation at nonprofit’s mission is to foster mutual understanding, promote constructive U.S.-China relations, and champion the fair and equitable treatment of Asian Americans. Follow us this month leading up to Giving Tuesday as we highlight ways we are making an impact.

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