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James Hsue

Mr. James Hsue retired in 2016 after a 37 year career in patent law.  At San Francisco Bay Area big and small firms alike, he managed patent portfolios for companies and counseled clients in patent licensing and litigation, including pre-IPO patent due diligence for silicon valley startups.   He represented CRRC Corporation Limited (Qingdao Chinese high speed train manufacturer) in a patent due diligence review in connection with a joint venture with General Electric.  He kept touch with the Chinese patent community from the founding of the Chinese patent system in 1984, and trained two patent agents from China.  He organized a delegation of US lawyers to give lectures on US law in China.  He graduated from University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) with a BS in 1968 and a JD in 1976.

James grew up in Hong Kong and finished high school before coming to the US.  He was active in the foreign Chinese and Asian American student communities at UC Berkeley, and assisted Professor Ling-chi Wang in preparing the materials for the first Chinese American history course at Asian American Studies, UC Berkeley, and was a teaching assistant in the course and an Asian American history course at UC Berkeley for 3-4 years.  Along with his wife Miranda, he organized a group of friends to support Peach Foundation’s (located in Foster City, CA) work in providing financial and other support for junior high and high school students in Yunnan, China starting in 2001, and they have been supporting the Foundation for the last 20 years.  They knew a couple who taught in Yunnan Minzu University, and through their contacts, the Peach Foundation found local staff to establish an office in Kunming.

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