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Lisa Hsu

Ms. Lisa Hsu began her professional career at Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC), where she performed R&D for the Strategic Defense Initiative and also basic research for the government and academia during which time she authored a technical document on Distributed Computing Systems.  Lisa then became involved managing a portfolio of residential and commercial properties in Beijing.  She became the COO for Xie Xing Real Estate and Development Co. Ltd. then operating in Qian’An, China.  As the first foreign joint venture real estate project in Qian’An, Lisa brought them into the digital age while bridging 3 cultures, 3 time zones and a language barrier – all well before Zoom and Google Translate.  She went on to become a consultant to the Great Wall National Park Project and the Dragon Bay Development Project also in Qian’An.


Ms. Hsu has also been a strong advocate for education and has volunteered many hours to schools. At South Elementary School, she developed and led various projects to support schools in differentiated learning in mathematics, reading and English for both remedial and advanced students.  She also led awareness campaigns for drug, alcohol, tobacco and violence prevention, served on the Parent Board for many years and always tried to bring visibility to and understanding of Chinese culture whenever possible.  


Lisa holds a BA in Mathematics from Regis College and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Boston University.

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