Marsha Vande Berg


Dr. Marsha Vande Berg is a senior executive and expert on Asia Pacific affairs. She was the CEO of the Pacific Pension Institute, the leading global institutional investor institution providing educational and networking services for the world’s largest asset owners and managers. While at PPI, Marsha helped to build PPI from a startup into a high profile, global organization with a powerful Asia Pacific footprint. She interacted with leading global thinkers and macro-political and economic experts, while directing PPIs operations, building a professional leadership team, managing the development of high-profile programming, conducting research and publishing, and expanding digital outreach capabilities.  In the process, PPI doubled its revenues and membership. 

Dr. Vande Berg currently serves as a director for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. She is an independent director of Quantum Advisors Private Limited, a highly regarded, progressive portfolio advisor. Marsha has been a member of the Board of the 1990 Institute for over 10 years.