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Video Series on Asian Americans

See Us, Hear Us, and Understand Us is the 1990 Institute’s Discovery Video Series of curated and original content on subjects that are about or issues that affect Asian Americans. Each series of videos will have an overall theme and explore that issue, its history, and how it impacts the Asian American community today. We will also address how you can equip yourself with good information to have a better understanding of this fascinating and diverse group of people.

Our Voice Matters


The final segment of our voting series summarizes how we can make a difference in this election as an Asian American voting community. In 2020, we have the power to change the outcome, but only if we do it together. So, if there’s one thing we must do by November 3rd, it's GO OUT and VOTE!  

Learn more here.

Voting is Your Right: A Right Worth Fighting For!


Our first segment of a three-part video series on Asian American Voters will bring you back through 138 years of events that finally brought us to the ballot box today.  It was a long and arduous journey to gain our voting right, so GO OUT AND VOTE.

Learn more here.

Voting is Your Privilege: Unsung Heroes


Our second segment of the voting video series showcases two important Asian American suffragists: Dr. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee, an immigrant to the U.S., unable to vote herself due to the Chinese Exclusion Act, and Tye Leung Schulze, American by birth, who was the first Chinese woman to vote in a Presidential primary.

Learn more here.

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