Gordon Chang

Stanford University

Professor of American History

Olive H. Palmer Professor in Humanities Senior Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Professor Gordon Chang joined the Stanford University faculty in 1991 and is currently a professor of history as well as Senior Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.  He has focused his research and teaching on historical connections between race and ethnicity in America with a particular focus on trans-Pacific relations, especially the interconnections between East Asia and America. He is interested in several different areas of history, including the historical connections between race and ethnicity in America, on the one hand, and foreign relations, on the other, and trans-Pacific relations in their diplomatic as well as their cultural and social dimensions.


Professor Chang has written and continues to publish in the areas of U.S. diplomacy, America-China relations, the Chinese diaspora, Asian American history, and global history. He has recently published two books on the history of Chinese railroad workers in America in the 19th century. Chang has also authored several other books in the fields of Asian American history, U.S. diplomacy, the Cold War, and U.S.-China relations past and present. Chang received a bachelor’s degree in history from Princeton University and earned a doctorate in history from Stanford.

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