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Sean Niu

Sean Niu

Producer & Host 
The Electric Image Express Podcast

Sean has 6 years of experience as a product manager at Amazon. At Amazon, he built the company’s first augmented reality shopping experience and launched computer vision-driven shopping partnerships with companies such as Samsung and Snapchat. Sean later moved to Tokyo to join Amazon Japan’s Fashion department where he was tasked to launch an AI-powered personal shopper program and implemented operational global best practices. Before earning his MBA, Sean spent 3 years managing institutional client accounts at PAAMCO, a fund of hedge funds. 

Sean is currently a writer and podcast host. He hosts The Electric Image Express, a podcast celebrating Asian American identity through Sean marries his love for adventure with a nostalgic longing for the past in his writing. He believes in writing from his heart— he enjoys starting from a personal experience and mixing an element of mystery or ambiguity to ask his audience to question reality. His past experiences have helped him develop a strong sense of empathy for people from different cultures and disciplines, and he hopes to use this empathy to create stories that speak uniquely to underrepresented people but also have universal appeal. 

Sean Niu has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a Bachelors of Science from the London School of Economics where he studied Economics and Economic History.

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