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Jeremy S. Wu

APA – Justice


Former Senior Advisor

U.S. Census Bureau

Dr. Jeremy S. Wu is the Founder of APA – Justice and a long-time advocate for civil rights.  He has also been a leading statistician and civil servant in the U.S. Census Bureau and the Departments of Transportation, Energy, and Agriculture.   Dr. Wu was a Project Director for the Center for Economic Studies (Census), the Acting Chief Statistician and Director of the Department Office of Civil Rights (Transportation), the National Ombudsman (Energy), and the Deputy Director, Office of Civil Rights (Agriculture).


Dr. Wu was the principal advisor to Secretary Norman Mineta on civil right and equal opportunity issues and advisor to Secretary Bill Richardson, on advancing diversity and trust in the workplace and to handle the workforce crisis in the national laboratories. He became the first Asian Pacific American career senior executive in USDA in 1997, after serving 15 years as Chief Statistician for the Marketing and Regulatory Programs at USDA. Dr. Wu participated in extended research and negotiations with China on U.S. wheat exports from the Pacific Northwest, leading to China lifting its wheat embargo in 1999. He earned his doctorate degree in Mathematical Statistics from the George Washington University and served three terms as Chair of the Asian American Government Executives Network.

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