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Lucille Lee


Ms. Lucille Lee started in the computer industry when programs were written on punch cards.  She joined IBM right after graduate school and stayed with the company for 30+ years.  While at IBM, she had the unique opportunity of designing and implementing a number of computer powered firsts, such as the satellite tracking system,  the first computer network based airline reservation system (for American Airlines), and prototyped the first database system based on the Relational Database Theory (the base for Sybase, Oracle, etc.)   At IBM, Lucille’s role ranged from architect, designer, implementer, manager, and IBM representative to ISO (the International Standards Organization). 

After retiring from IBM in the late 90's, Lucille and her son Prescott Lee started a number of social networking websites, among them (a predecessor of Facebook), and for exchanging photos.  For this, Lucille was written up in a New York Times article titled "Mother, I'm the Boss Now".

Lucille received her B.A. in Mathematics from Hunter College in New York, and M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. Since joining the 1990 Institute in 2007, Lucille has worked on the Microfinance Program and served as a program lead for its China Now for Teachers Workshop.  However, she has been active with the Institute since its inception.

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