The 1990 Institute Microfinance program was established in 2007 to help alleviate poverty in Shaanxi Province, China.  In partnership with Pucheng County Women’s Sustainable Development Association (PCWSDA) and the Shaanxi Women’s Federation, 1990 Institute donated funds annually to the PCWSDA, which makes small loans to rural villagers to enable them to start businesses to pull themselves out of poverty. 1990 Director, Dan Chao, was also a member of the Board of PCWSDA microfinance operation and provided governance and management advice, and oversight to the program.


  • During 1990’s involvement in the PCWSDA microfinance program, over 14,000 loans totalling $44 million RMB (over $7 million USD) were made to villagers with the average loan amount of $450 USD.

  • The program maintained a 99% repayment rate and won accolades from the Chinese Microfinance Association, the Grameen Foundation, and Citicorp.

Microfinance Program


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China Microfinance Program


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