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Spring Bud


The 1990 Institute founder, Roz Koo, became involved in the Spring Bud Program sponsored by the All China Women’s Federation in 2001 and through Roz’s efforts 1990 Institute supported 1000 impoverished girls in rural Shaanxi province, who would otherwise have dropped out of school after 3rd grade, to continue their education.  The Shaanxi Province chapter of All China Women’s Federation was our local partner on several Philanthropic projects.

Through the Spring Bud program:

  • All 1000 girls completed elementary school and middle school; 275 girls graduated from high school, and 200 from vocational schools.

  • 170 girls attended 1st and 2nd tier colleges throughout China, majored in disciplines such as medicine, law, computer science, engineering, mathematics, education, and foreign language.

  • 1990 Institute also arranged funding, design and construction of a green school that is also earthquake safe.  The school serves 350 students in Shaanxi Province, replacing several schools destroyed by the massive 2008 earthquake. 

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