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Sydney Chen

Dr. Sydney Chen is a seasoned biopharma professional with a PhD in Molecular Biology and Cell Biology.  She has 25 plus years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with experiences in the processes and challenges in moving a drug from development, clinical phases, to commercialization. Dr. Chen has held various management roles in companies from innovative start-up to big pharma, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, diaDexus, Audentes, Telik, Solstice Neurosciences and Revance Therapeutics.  She has been the technical director, responsible for analytical development and product quality control and quality assurance of various biologic drug products.  She has also been the analytical lead for successful regulatory submission and correspondence with FDA, EMEA, and PMDA.  

Currently, Dr. Chen serves as Senior Director, Quality at 89bio Inc.  Dr. Chen has co-founded Cellentia Bio Inc, a Specialty CRO providing innovative and best in class bioassays and is the president of Emerson Biotech Consultants, supporting biopharma companies in managing CDMOs and in setting up phase appropriate Quality management system for sterile manufacturing. 

Dr. Chen was a founding member of Chinese Bioscience Associate (CBASF) and has since been a long-time volunteer.  She has served in various capacities in the past, including one term of president in 2010 and two terms of vice president in 1999 and 2009.

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