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Voices, Visibility, and Vision
Lifting the Fog Around China and Asian Americans

This video series is a multi-part, multimedia programming initiative with videos and discussions to engage a wide variety of people. The goal is to provide a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of the contemporary issues affecting Asian Americans and U.S.-China relations.

Beyond the Tiles: Making Connections Through Mahjong


Mahjong is a game of luck and strategy. It is a social game that connects Asian diaspora and families around the world and across generations, uniting diverse groups. This video covers the history of mahjong, how the game came to the U.S., and how it transcends boundaries of geography, ethnicity, gender, culture, and generation. Visit our Reference Library for more resources.

July 13, 2023

Exclusion: The Shared Asian American Experience


Despite being among the early immigrants to America and an essential part of the building of America’s foundation, Asians have been excluded, discriminated against, and prevented from becoming American citizens. This educational video will walk you through exclusion experiences that Asians faced then, including laws that existed for decades, and continue to face as Americans now. Understand the past to shape the future. Visit our Reference Library for more resources.

March 24, 2023

Waves of Immigrants: The Asian American Journey


Asians have been migrating to America since before her birth but their journey has been one fraught with danger and discrimination. Follow the tumultuous immigration experience of the Asian diaspora to the United States, embedded within an overarching narrative of the history of U.S. immigration. Visit our Reference Library to find more resources and downloadable lesson guide.

January 27, 2023

The Master of Influence with Si-Fu Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee broke rules, blazed his own path, and became an icon and an influencer who’s stood the test of time. Could his biggest impact be helping us see all the potential ways we have to make a difference? Be like water and flow along with us as this new video educates us on Bruce’s story from a new angle. Visit our Reference Library for more resources.

November 27, 2022

November 18, 2022

Why are Chinese and Americans the Key to Life on Plant Earth?

Greenhouse gas emissions are causing the Earth’s average temperature to rise. Did you know that the U.S. and China are the world’s top two producers of greenhouse gasses? Scientists have warned that the tipping point is near when changes caused by global warming will become irreversible. Hear more about this issue and what individuals can do to help address climate change. Visit our Reference Library to learn more.

October 21, 2022

What Is Gaokao? - The World's Toughest College Admissions Test

If you think your future is determined by getting a college education and that your ability to get into a desired college is determined by a multi-day multi-subject exam only offered once a year, will you spend all your waking hours cramming for this exam? This documentary shows the Chinese students’ experience with the formidable Gaokao and why attainment of a college degree is so important for the Chinese. Visit our Reference Library to learn more.

Ping Pong Diplomacy - Can History Repeat Itself?

A refresher on how a serendipitous 1971 encounter between Chinese and U.S. table tennis players in Japan set in motion the diplomatic exchanges that led to the official normalization of U.S.-China relations in 1979, and on letting the spirit of Friendship First, Competition Second guide the future of U.S.-China relations. Visit our Reference Library to learn more about Ping Pong Diplomacy and the history of U.S.-China relations.

June 23, 2022

May 20, 2022

Millennials without Borders: U.S. and China Millennials

Millennials comprise the largest generation ever both in China and in the U.S. They are the first 

completely tech savvy generation and have a huge impact on the economies of their countries and on the world. Are American and Chinese millennials similar or different in their thinking, goals, and spending habits? Watch this animated conversation with composite representatives from both countries. Visit our Reference Library to learn more.

Chinese Millennials: Reflections on Life and America

We sent a film team onto the streets of China to conduct candid interviews and find out what people think about America. Do you wonder if the way your counterparts in China think is different from what’s shown in the news? Do they have an accurate impression of America? Watch the video and hear interviews with millennials near Shanghai. Visit our Reference Library to learn more.

April 8, 2022

March 18, 2022

Plogging: Trash Runners in Shanghai

Chinese millennials are becoming more aware of litter and the connection between consumption and the environment. As the movement of plogging (jogging while picking up litter) spreads to China, millennials in Shanghai are organizing to clean up their streets. Visit our reference library for more resources on plogging, China’s role in plastic waste both as generator and processor, and the interconnection between the U.S and China regarding plastic waste.

February 28, 2022

The Rise of China as Seen Through Mrs. Wong's Purse


A storytelling video about the life of “Mrs. Wong” for the past 50 years. The economic rise in China is illustrated by the tremendous changes in its citizens’ daily lives and by the contents of Mrs. Wong's purse. Although Mrs. Wong is a fictitious character, her experience reflects that of many Chinese people living through five decades of policy and economic change. Visit our Reference Library for more resources on this topic.

February 14, 2022

U.S. and China Seek Relationship Counseling: Technology in the Crosshairs


The honeymoon is over! 40 years into this relationship, it seems time for the U.S. and China to seek relationship counseling. Weary and wary, what will happen to all the successes born of their long-standing relationship, a relationship deeply rooted in the global community? What is your advice? Visit our Reference Library to learn more.

January 31, 2022

Chinese and Western Zodiacs: So Different. So Similar


The Chinese and Western zodiacs have continued to thrive for thousands of years. Different cultures throughout history have created their own unique-yet-similar celestial systems for predicting the future…while observing the exact same stars and planets. Why so different? Why so similar? Why have zodiacs survived? We explore these questions and more in this video. There’s also additional material on this topic to explore in our Reference Library.

Christmas in China

With headlines emerging every year over China’s alleged crackdown on the holiday -- ranging from “Santa Claus won’t be coming to town,” to “China cancels Christmas,” the question stands: Do people in China celebrate Christmas? This video, produced by the 1990 Institute, will give you an overview and some fun details of how Christmas has evolved and is currently celebrated in China! Visit our Reference Library to learn more about Christmas in China.

A Tale of Two Countries

What do you know about China? This video in our China in Perspectives series juxtaposes two biggest economies in the world and puts in perspective a wealthy country like the U.S. and a developing country like China to show that what happens in each country can impact each other and the world. Visit our Reference Library to learn more.

If China were a Country of 100 People

Our video series, “China in Perspective,” is designed to expose you to interesting and insightful information about contemporary China to better understand this complex and intriguing country of 1.4 billion people. This video is a primer for the series, providing a general overview of the demographic breakdown of the Chinese population, from wealth distribution to education, to social media and video game usage, and more! Visit our Reference Library to learn more.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the First Asian Superhero

Does Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings live up to the hype? How much does Shang-Chi challenge Hollywood stereotypes of Asian men? A movie like Shang-Chi is overdue and a milestone for the AAPI community, but there's still a long way to go in terms of Asian representation on the big screen! Visit our Reference Library for more information and a downloadable lesson guide.

Numbers Don't Lie? - Model Minority Myth Explained in 3 Minutes


This video unpacks the Model Minority Myth and unveils the diversity of various subgroups that make up the Asian Americans. When aggregated as a single group, disparities within specific populations are hidden, leading to misperceptions, lack of resources, and the perpetuation of poor data collection and analyses. Visit the 1990 Institute Reference Library for more supporting materials.

Call it What It Is - Racism Against Asian Americans


This compelling video captures the past and present events affecting bias and racism towards Asians in America and what this community has had to endure as Americans. Go to 1990 Institute Reference Library for  more supporting materials.

Voices, Visibility, and Vision: Lifting the Fog Around China and Asian Americans


An introduction to 1990 Institute’s video series that examines the perceptions of Asian Americans and China, and how China affects all Americans.

Our Voice Matters


The final segment of our voting series summarizes how we can make a difference in this election as an Asian American voting community. In 2020, we have the power to change the outcome, but only if we do it together. So, if there’s one thing we must do by November 3rd, it's GO OUT and VOTE!  

Learn more here.

Voting is Your Right: A Right Worth Fighting For!


Our first segment of a three-part video series on Asian American Voters will bring you back through 138 years of events that finally brought us to the ballot box today.  It was a long and arduous journey to gain our voting right, so GO OUT AND VOTE.

Learn more here.

Voting is Your Privilege: Unsung Heroes


Our second segment of the voting video series showcases two important Asian American suffragists: Dr. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee, an immigrant to the U.S., unable to vote herself due to the Chinese Exclusion Act, and Tye Leung Schulze, American by birth, who was the first Chinese woman to vote in a Presidential primary.

Learn more here.

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