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Youth Voices on China

Video Contest

The Youth Voices on China Video Contest was one of the 1990 Institute’s signature education initiatives to foster global awareness among young people and inspire them to start to think more broadly about U.S.-China relations. This program empowered youth, who are powerful agents of social change and our next generation of leaders, to put their creativity to work, find their voices, and make them heard. The videos also revealed how young people view the U.S. and China today – including their perceptions, possible stereotypes, and the issues that matter to them.


In this short video from the early days of the program, filmmaker and actress Joan Chen introduced the Youth Voices On China Video Contest, which asked youths around the world how China impacts their future. Joan Chen is a former head judge for this program.

Winner's Videos

The winning videos were illuminating and impactful. Here are a few of these videos:​

Dragon Prince

Ming-Wei Fasquelle

This video is about Kung-Fu phenom Andre Magnum.

What's China

Paige Lockwood

A discussion on how we could improve the United States' relationship with China. Our video topic is: "Economical Communication" where we discuss how if we spread the the education of Chinese language and give teenagers more opportunities to learn about Chinese language and Culture then they would be able to communicate and share ideas with Chinese Citizens with more efficiency and influence.

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