We envision a positive environment for Asian Americans in America and for U.S. relations with China.

What We Do
The 1990 Institute is a nonprofit that creates and supports educational programming and mobilizes collaborative leadership networks to improve mutual understanding, promote a constructive environment for U.S.-China relations, and champion the fair and equal treatment of Asian Americans.
Featured Programs
New York Office

Voices, Visibility,

and Vision

Lifting the Fog Around China and Asian Americans - Video Series

Audiovisual Conference

Beyond the Conversation

A discussion and roundtable series that complements our Video series to further discuss the issues in depth

Education Books Bookshelfs

College Essay


Students can develop a more nuanced understanding of modern China and the implications of its rise as a superpower

Shanghai at Dusk

Reference Library

Resources from China Now for Teachers and more.

Remembrances of Rosalyn Koo, Founding Board Member

Our beloved Founder Roz Koo (1929-2021) passed away at the age of 92. Roz devoted her life to service. 

2020 National Civic Leadership Forum

Watch the 1990 Institute lead a learning session titled Amplify your Organization’s Voice through Modern Marketing & Communications Best Practices from the September 13 recording.

We support Black Lives Matter

The 1990 Institute Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter.