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2023 Teachers Workshop

U.S.-China Relations: Coexistence in a Changing World

You are invited to our next Teachers Workshop on Wednesday, June 28 at 3pm Pacific / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern

 This Workshop will examine how tensions past and present and the history of U.S.-China relations starting in the 1850s have influenced how we’ve arrived at where we are today. Join us for a discussion on the issues behind a path toward a more constructive U.S.-China relationship.

Resource for Teachers 

What We Do
The 1990 Institute is a nonprofit that creates and supports educational programming and mobilizes collaborative leadership networks to improve mutual understanding, promote a constructive environment for U.S.-China relations, and champion the fair and equitable treatment of Asian Americans.

Envisioning a postive environment for Asian Americans

in America and for U.S.relations with China


ChatAAPI is an original comedy talk show that satirizes current news and events relevant to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.


By combining comedy and education, ChatAAPI enriches our understanding of the AAPI experience and allows us to find laughter in shared experiences.

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Featured Programs
New York Office

Exclusion: The Shared Asian American Experience

Released March 24, 2023

Audiovisual Conference

Reframing Perception: Asian American Women Journalist Trailblazers

January 21, 2022

Education Books Bookshelfs

China Focus 2022 Essay Contest

Two winners selected

William Yuen Yee 

Natasha Lock

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Pilot Episode

#ChatAAPI, hosted by comedian and TV host Joe Wong, pokes fun at recent news and events relevant to AAPI communities.

June 1, 2023


Published bi-weekly

Annual Report

A review of what we have done in 2022

Reference Library

Visit to find additional information on topics featured in our videos, webinars, and downloadable lesson guides for 9-12 grade teachers

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The 1990 Institute Instagram project highlighting the wonders of Asian Americans twice weekly

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